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Baptized on the banks of the Ohio River, Richard Chamberlain, Dave Jr., Alex Roberts and Jack Hall made names for themselves on their home turf - together, they are RiverShine. Steadfast and true, RiverShine was conceived through the synergy of each member's musical passion. “We walk a fine line. We’ve covered anything from Rock to Pop Country,” says lead guitarist, Dave Jr.  Their fans love the diversity the band brings to the stage and to their studio work, it taps into a familiarity almost any country, rock, americana fan will recogize and celebrate. 

"Like That" Music Video Released 1.28.20

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As a songwriter, it is an amazing, humbling experience for an artist to connect deeply enough with the melodies and lyrics we write to really want to make it their own, record it and share it with their audience. RiverShine has done that, and not only is their recording of “Like That” awesome, the fact that they have made it a single and sent it to country radio, so it can be heard by the masses, is so inspiring and exciting!! I’m honored that RiverShine recorded “Like That” and anxious to see what the world thinks of the song because of them! - Betsy Walter, songwriter